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Customer Testimonial“We were able to efficiently procure and provide high quality disinfectant across our entire facility – an International Airport in Florida – which in turn eased many fears and prevented any lost work hours in the early weeks of the pandemic. A large part of that is due to the 357 Company’s proficiency to get a high quality disinfectant, like Selectrocide 1G, in the timeliest manner. I would like to personally and on behalf of the Port Authority THANK YOU for all the hard work provided by your teams across the board. You and your team are absolute Hero’s in my eyes. You all were nothing short of amazing and my simple words do not give you the credit you deserve. Your hard work, dedication and attention to detail allowed my department and staff to shine.”

Scott – Florida International Airport, Warehouse Supervisor Aviation/Resources

Selectrocide® Chlorine dioxide should not be confused with chlorine or chlorine bleach. While chlorine dioxide has chlorine in its name, chlorine dioxide reaction chemistry is radically different from that of chlorine and produce very different by-products. Chlorine dioxide ‘s only by products are salt ions and water.

Selectrocide® Disinfectant is ultra pure chlorine dioxide (EPA Registration No. 74986-4 & 74986-5, FDA No. FCN 445 & 645).

  • Just – Add – Water Patented Delivery System
  • Kills 99.9999% of germs, bacteria viruses and spore-forms, kills a harder-to-kill pathogen than SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
  • Light and portable – “Ships dry” to save on cost – Requires small storage
  • FDA registered Safe for use around food and on food surfaces
  • EPA registered and tested as a broad-spectrum hospital grade disinfectant
  • Powerful oxidation – Virus and bacteria unable to build tolerance
  • Eco Friendly – OMRI organic certified
  • No special handling – No special disposal
  • Save time – Spray & Leave – No Residue

How it Works….. Microreactor Technology

Selectrocide Disinfectant destroys the invisible, protective layer known as bio-film and quickly kills the microorganisms which hide and thrive under this protective coating. Traditional disinfection products are unable to quickly penetrate the biofilm and because of this, they are ineffective.


Chlorine dioxide is a stable free radical, and functions as an oxidative rather than a chlorinating reaction. Chlorine dioxide’s oxidative power allows it to attack the cell walls, creating breaches. These breaches cause leakage of the cell contents, ultimately cutting off the supply of the cell’s nutrients thus killing it. In contrast, current traditional disinfection methods are designed to poison the microorganisms. But as the microorganisms build resistance and become immune to the poison, new and stronger products have to be developed.


Selectrocide® is an effective sanitizer, disinfectant, tuberculocide, virucide*, fungicide, algaecide, general-purpose antimicrobial and cleaner used in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:


  • Hospitals, Medical and Veterinary Facilities, Urgent Care Clinics, Dental Offices, Nursing Homes, Senior Care Clinics, Retirement communities, Laboratories and Other Clinical Settings
  • Vehicles, Buses, Trains, Subways, Rental Cars, Airports, RV’s, Motor Homes, Auto Body Shops, Car Dealerships
  • Restaurants, Wineries, Breweries, Food Prep Areas, and Cafeterias
  • Hotels, Resorts, Motels, Bed & Breakfast and Homes
  • Schools, Community Centers, Gyms, Public Libraries, Municipalities, Banks, Office Buildings, Government Facilities, Construction Companies, Manufacturers
  • Golf Courses, Country Clubs, Driving Ranges, Lockers Rooms, Stadiums, Sports Organizations, Health Clubs
  • Nail and Hair Salons, Retail Stores , Movie Theaters , Sound and Film Studios, Film Sets
  • and many others!

*Kills Pandemic 2009 H1N1 Influenza A virus (swine flu)

Our Best Selling Products

CLO2BBER 1-Liter Bottle + Cap & Pump Sprayer

Selectrocide® 1G Disinfectant

Makes 2.50 Gallons @ 100ppm

Selectrocide® 5G Disinfectant

Makes 13.0 Gallons @ 100ppm

Selectrocide® 12G Disinfectant

Makes 30.0 Gallons @ 100ppm

Anti-Microbial Disinfectant

Clean Certified Customers

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